Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Hope Not Hate: Telling caller to "piss off" and "go back to Hartlepool"

Hello folks

The below video i want you to turn the volume on FULL BLAST as it is quite hard to hear

I also uploaded another video today on YouTube regarding Searchlight begging for donations while accusing the BNP of doing exactly the same. The video can be seen on the video log on the right hand side (Second one down)

IMPORTANT: Please also watch THIS VIDEO And please take action to stop the Fascist UAF causing trouble and havoc in Codnor at the BNP's Red White and Blue festival!! 30 of the scum were arrested last year, make sure it doesn't happen again, remember what they and their Muslim stormtroopers did in Birmingham on 8th August!!

Monday, 10 August 2009

Far-left & Muslim extremists in Birmingham spark riots

Its been a while since i last posted on this blog, but after the recent events in Birmingham i thought i'd post this video and a few other things regarding them..

I found a section of the BBC quite interesting, yet not surprising. One eyewitness said he saw the flag of the Union jack "burnt".. Could you imagine the uproar if it was the Pakistan flag?? I just hope somebody got that on CCTV or camera (Although it was in Birmingham City Centre, it is most likely to be filmed). Hopefully them people will be exposed and put on trial for treason as well as causing riots in the Second City..

Finally folks, i would like to add, the video above.... Some of the images in the video are crap, when i say crap i mean you haven't got enough time to read some of the violent, racist and pro-Islamist (Pro-Bin Laden) comments posted by Muslims and the Loony Left. So you will have to pause the video to read them..

If anybody spot's any racist, bigoted comments posted by the Left or their Muslim stormtroopers, please feel free to tell me, give me a link and i may even add it in future video's..

Have a nice day, and i hope everyone is well??

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Unison activists found guilty of racism..

What a surprise!! Unison (A group closely linked to Searchlight and the Government sponsored Militia UAF)have found itself in hot water.


"FOUR union activists have been found guilty of racism after distributing a leaflet featuring the three wise monkeys.

Public service union Unison took action against its members, including the Greenwich branch's Onay Kasab, after they produced a leaflet showing the three wise monkeys from a Japanese proverb, with the caption "See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil".

The leaflet criticised the union for a lack of debate at its national conference in 2007, but the four were told by union chiefs some people could find the image racially offensive.

At a disciplinary hearing last Thursday (July 16), Unison’s claims were upheld"

Oh dear. It seems pretty PC, but considering the likes of the Unions have helped create these bogus Race Laws (I.e. Gag laws) then they have got their just deserts.

Amazing Gable and co are saying nothing about these "Union men".. Could it be because they are leftists, or because they was Asian.


By Vortex

THE DAILY TAT Wednesday, 22 July, 2009.



The violent thuggery of the British National Party was again revealed after an incident in a toy shop in Stroud, Gloucestershire. The son of local Labour Party member Tarquin Fforbes-Smythe was browsing in the shop when a girl waving a Union Jack suddenly pushed aggressively past him by the Play Dough section. The girl was identified as a BNP sympathiser by local anti-fascist campaigners and questions will be raised in the House of Commons by the local Labour MP under parliamentary immunity and subsequently reported across the media.

The terrified shop owner pleaded with us not to name his premises as this type of intimidation has happened before. David Spew, Labour MP for the area said, "This very decent and upstanding boy who I can vouch for personally, was attacked by the mindless thug and I intend to alert the press on the nature of the sickening and violent nature of local BNP activists".

Perry Fable of Searchlies magazine said, "Once again the violence and thuggery of the BNP is exposed for all decent people in the country to see. We intend to find out where they live so anti-fascists can undertake their lawful, peaceful and thoroughly honourable pickets of their homes and get them expelled from where they work".

Weyheyman Ferret of the Unite against Fascism group said, "We will confront these nazi thugs wherever and whenever they meet. We must tell people they are not welcome in… wherever it was the incident took place."

The local Tory agent issued a statement from Jollys Wine Bar in Stroud and said "It is the Conservative Party that has taken the lead in taking on the BNP, as proved by David Cameron putting personal differences aside and signing up to the SWP front group Unite against Fascism."

Police have revealed a photograph of the young thug taken from the shop's CCTV footage (allegedly).


Sunday, 21 June 2009

New video

Hello folks, i hope everyone has had a good weekend..

A fellow Youtuber, MixedRaceBritAndBNP has allowed me to upload a video of his onto my profile.
Its a great video and i hope it gives you all a bit more insight into the truth about Searchlies.

Saturday, 20 June 2009

UKIP and Hope Not Hate

"Hope NOT hate" have a disgraceful habit of calling their enemies "racists" and "fascists".. Usually this has involved the BNP and various ethno-Nationalist parties..

But in the past Gable and co have found other scapegoats.. Maggie's Militant Tendency proved that Gable was a strong Anti-Tory and was stupid enough to make up that the Tories were harboring "neo-Nazi militants". Obviously this was a nonce story and the two MPs that were accused of such activities (Neil Hamilton and Gerald Howarth) went on to sue the BBC. This resulted in the BBC forking out £1million of license fee payers taxes!

Now it looks like "Hope NOT Hate" are targeting UKIP and accusing UKIP of stirring up racial tensions. CLICK HERE FOR STORY

Michael Walker of anti-fascist group Hope Not Hate said: “Ukip claim not to be racist but their feeble attempts at linking immigration to a local story demonstrates they are just a middle-class racist party and that on the ground there's no difference between the BNP and Ukip except the suits that they wear.

“Norwich is a multi-cultural community and the last thing it needs is people bringing racist sentiment and trying to make party political advantage from a non-existent situation.

“The fact that no weapons were found and that nobody was charged with anything only demonstrates that it's Ukip that shoots from the hip and that they should get their facts straight before trying to create racial tension.”

Organisations like Searchlight and HNH claim that the BNP scapegoat "ethnic minorities". We all know that this is nonsense. But HNH, Gable and co, UAF, etc scapegoat pretty much every "right wing" organisation. Tories, BNP, UKIP are all scapegoats for these far-left thugs. If the BNP were to end tomorrow, UKIP would be their main priority, then if UKIP were to disband they would throw their weight against the Conservatives.. And so forth..

Hope NOT hate?? Swap the letters Hope and Hate around and you have a perfect name for this group.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Searchlies FAIL........ BNP WIN

This is a late blog entry, about my thoughts on the European Elections.

Mr Nick Griffin MEP and Mr Andrew Brons MEP both won seats and made the BNP a driving force in British politics. The aftermath of this, led to Griffin and Brons getting pelted with eggs by left wing extremists from both the UAF and the laughable Hope Not Hate group.

Thankfully one of the extremist left wing nut jobs that was involved in this "demonstration" was shoved on the floor by Griffin's bodyguard's.. ITN News said this woman (Who goes by the name of Anna Heath) is in fact an Active member on the UAF.



1) Its her fault for taking part in an illegal demonstration withing a certain distance of Parliament!
2) Considering the Police did nothing, these bodyguards will easily use Common law provisions to defend themselves in a court of law if need be.
3) Even if she wasn't in the demo, then she obviosuly hasn't got common sense. What do you do if a group is charging towards you? You move. Look at the 2 pictures and tell me if she moved or walked towards Nick and Andrew.


Either way, well done Mr Griffin and Mr Brons and well done to the left wing tramps who showed themselves up.